Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What is new on Iphone 8

Everybody is crazily waiting for the upcoming new Iphone 8. Apple claim that it will be a major iPhone redesign planned for 2017, with a glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display that includes an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera.

It is predicted that the new model is tipped to feature a distinctive new design with a curved OLED screen, but without a physical home button.

At the end, no matter new design they produce, the uniqueness of the apple product seems to dying. No competitors are following them right now, instead they cram to follow others.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Smartphone revolution

After Nokia has dominated the world with their java-based and symbian OS, the world evolve with Andorid and IOS to run smartphone to serve better. The war between Android and IOS is still on going. It seem like a group of people attacking the guy with silver shield.

In fact, this team also attacking each other with different formulas; UI, camera, Battery, Speed, memory and storage. But until when they achieve the breakthrough. The manufacturers are currently working of cheap yet powerful smartphone to gear the sale for the public. but then, until when? how much price drop you can go and yet the smartphone become suck?

What is the mobile revolution then?

Remember when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone in 2007? He bestowed a lot of adjectives on the strange and smoothly hewn chunk of metal and glass. The new device, he said, was "breakthrough," “phenomenal,” and “revolutionary.”

“Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs said.

 That is very true in my perspective. revolution is suppose to be unique and not an upgrade. But what is unique?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nokia is going to die

In 2013 Nokia announced the sale of its handset division to Microsoft, bringing the the brand's five-year decline to its inevitable conclusion. It was a hope that Nokia will comeback as the giant orge as long time ago. But in reality?

Microsoft has acknowledged that the ex-CEO’s move, balmer, was an expensive mistake. Microsoft on Wednesday said it would write off essentially all of the assets acquired in the deal, $7.6 billion in total, and lay off 7,800 employees.

See....different CEO has different blue print in their head.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why Opera browser famous in India

As the number of smartphone user increase, so does the browser hit number. Opera is known as one of the fast inter browser especially for smartphone.
Norway's Opera Software now targets 100 million Indian users for its mobile phone Internet browser, after hitting the 50 million mark last month, chief executive Lars Boilesen told Reuters.
Smartphones are quickly becoming the product of choice in the rapidly growing Indian market, though Boilesen declined to give a specific date for when the browser downloads would double.
"We intend to get 100 million users there as quickly as possible. That's our focus now," he said in a telephone interview.
"It's an incredibly important market for us. I really don't think that people understand how big we are over there ... We are the third most downloaded app in India and we are larger than global giants like Gmail."
Opera's browser division specialises in compressing data to minimise download times and cost for subscribers, making it particularly popular in emerging market economies where network capacity can be constrained.
"If you look at the five fastest-growing markets for Android phones in the world, you will find that Opera is a top five player in all of them. That says something about how well positioned we are in the high-growth markets," Boilesen said.
By Opera's definition, India tops this list of fast-growing markets followed by Indonesia, Russia, Africa and Brazil. "These top-five ... are characterised by Opera being pre-installed on all phones. All local manufacturers in India have Opera, but you will also see that so do major players like Samsung." — Reuters

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